Making their HKFC Citi Soccer Sevens debut, playonPROS will bring with them a star-studded line-up to excite fans at Happy Valley.

Football can be a lucrative but short career, so playonPROS looks to offer both current and ex-professionals the chance to save for their futures and build a life outside of the game. One initiative is for players to save a percentage of their income that will be made available to them upon their retirement at a time when many find it difficult to adapt.

playonPROS also aims to maintain a player’s brand following retirement to make the transition as smooth as possible. Through The Players Club, as playonPROS ambassadors, they start a new journey in life at a time when some are unsure which path to take.

Another playonPROS initiative is to bridge the gap between players and fans. As money in football grows by the year, the top professionals increasingly become celebrities and, as a result, have less in common with the average fan.

Yet after retirement, when there are no restrictions imposed by club or agent, former professionals are able to interact with those that followed them during their career. While fan channels on YouTube often feature content by the fans, for the fans, playonPROS offers a channel where players and fans can meet without any boundaries.

Some of the well-known players who have bought into the playonPROS initiative, meanwhile, will be on show at Hong Kong Football Club when the brand makes what promises to be a thrilling HKFC Citi Soccer Sevens debut.