Hong Kong, 11 May 2012 -

The HKFC Citibank International Soccer Sevens has received a huge boost with the news that Hong Kong’s Major Sports Events Committee has granted the tournament “M” Mark status.
The prestigious “M” Mark label brings with it government funding support plus enhanced local and overseas publicity opportunities for the tournament.
It also means the Soccer Sevens can call on professional advice from the MSEC’s Advisory Panel concerning organisation, sponsorship, marketing and promotion strategies.
“This is a landmark decision for the Soccer Sevens,” said tournament chairman Tony Bratsanos. “The ‘M’ Mark funding and other forms of support will help the tournament realise its potential and become an even more significant event in the football calendar.
“We are extremely grateful to the Major Sports Events Committee for their guidance as we submitted our ultimately successful application. In addition, we are indebted to the Hong Kong Football Association for their staunch support.
“This is a great day for the Soccer Sevens and, by extension, for Hong Kong’s countless passionate football fans.”
The MSEC, which reports to the Sports Commission, is tasked with advising the government on the hosting policy and resource allocation for major sports events in Hong Kong.
It provides a decision-making framework for determining the government's funding priorities and involvement in hosting major sports events in Hong Kong.
The MSEC launched the “M” Mark programme in 2004 to recognise major sports events and to help them grow and become more sustainable.
To view a short video about the "M" Mark programme, please click here.


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